About LSSD

Here are some questions that real people have actually asked me either through email or in real life.  Seriously.

What is Lone Star State of Depression?

Lone Star State of Depression is a self-published sparsely printed zine about girls, [mostly Texas] punk, Houston, photobooths, growing up, and garbage like that. Always full of pictures, always full color.  You can buy new printed issues at Domy Books (Houston) (and soon at Vinyl Junkie) until they run out, which is usually a week.  The title “Lone Star State of Depression” was originally thought up of by Charlie Wilhoit and then I stole it without his permission.

What is a zine?

I think it’s short for “fanzine”  or maybe “magazine,” I’m not sure because I’m not a rocket scientist. Either way, it’s pronounced “zeen” and not “zyne” so get it right.  A girl seriously asked me if I was “the guy that wrote that ‘zyne'”.  I told all my friends about her later that night and we all laughed and made fun of her. Don’t be that person.

Who are you?

I’m a dishwasher/library assistant who lives in Houston’s 2nd Ward.  I also hold the unofficial record for the fastest time to run through the Menil Collection.

Send me more questions, comments, or hate mail at lone.star.state.of.depression@gmail.com


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